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Annuity Check

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“Annuities are unsuitable in some circumstances, and an ideal fit in others. The question is,
which is yours?”
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What is the Problem?
What is Annuity Check?
5 Reasons Why Annuity Check is Different
Annuity Check Reports Include


What is the Problem?

As protection for consumer advice and oversight of assets grow, the need for fiduciary processes and tools increases. Today, most reviews of annuity policies are cursory. Because annuities are often vilified by media and some advisors, getting an objective review without defaulting to liquidation or a recommendation of least resistance becomes more difficult.


Additionally, annuity contracts are complex and can be misinterpreted, can result in a misunderstood or under-valued view of the asset, and can become a source of liability due to lawsuits and regulatory issues.


A fiduciary annuity contract review should include:


  • A restatement and or modification of client objectives

  • An independent 25+ point review of the current annuity contract

  • A comparison to other suitable options

  • An easy-to-understand report of findings

  • A review of potential coordination gaps and areas for improvement

  • Observations related to client objectives

  • Recommendations


Many current reviews do not accomplish the fiduciary process outlined above. This lack of resources, specialization, process, and tools creates unnecessary risk for advisors and clients.


What is Annuity Check?

Annuity Check is a documented process and report that includes a fiduciary approach to reviewing annuity insurance contracts. We address the gap between the fiduciary obligation of advisors and how they help clients evaluate the suitability and performance of annuities. 


5 Reasons Why Annuity Check is Different.

  1. Annuity Check includes a current summary and 25+ point comparison to similar annuities. This analysis replaces the potentially subjective process of reviewing a policy on its own. Morningstar® provides the data for this report.

  2. Annuity Check incorporates specific client policy objectives, followed by observations and recommendations specific to these objectives.

  3. Annuity Check follows the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Practice Standards. A CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ with multiple designations oversees the final report.

  4. Annuity Check assists in providing consistent documentation of the adviser due diligence process.

  5. Annuity Check advisers are long time, honored academics and award-winning insurance planners. Our advisers’ strategies have been published in the national business and finance press and have been recognized as one of WORTH Magazines Top 250 Wealth Planners in the United States.


Annuity Check delivers a reader-friendly summary of observations, recommendations, an executive summary, and reporting of projected annuity performance, costs, and returns across multiple different measures. Technical details supporting the summary follow.


The Annuity Check process and service is overseen by a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™.


This service is available for most annuity policies.



$395  Professional Adviser Rate: Up to three annuity policies

$199  for each additional policy


$595  Non-Advisers: Up to three annuities

$175  for each additional policy

Annuity Check Reports Include

  • Observations

  • Executive Summary

  • Recommendation

  • 25+ Point Analysis, Data by Morningstar®

Annuity Check considers information available on the following:

Contract Information

  • Share Class

  • Prospectus Date

  • Date of Last Update

  • A.M. Best Rating

  • Website

  • Phone Number

Surrender Schedule

  • Duration

  • Surrender Charge Schedule (%)

  • Free Withdrawal

  • Surrender Charge Waiver

Expense and Fees

  • Mortality and Expense Risk (M&E)

  • Administrative Charge

  • Distribution Charge

  • Total Annual Expense

  • Annual contract Fee

  • Anniversary Contract Fee Waive Amount

  • Premium Based Sales Charges

Spousal Benefits and Continuation

  • Non-Qualified Contracts

  • Guarantee Death Benefit trigger

  • Spousal continuation DB credit?

  • Spousal continuation CDSC waiver?

Subaccount Information

  • Number of Subaccounts

  • Subaccount Fee Range

  • Free Transfers per Year

  • Transfer Fee

  • Subaccount Expenses range

  • Subaccount Advisors

  • Subaccount Subadvisors

Living Benefit Review, if applicable


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