Tax Professionals

Tax Clients 

  • Personal

  • Business Owner

  • Trusts

  • Charities

Review & Planning Matters

  • Life Insurance Policy Review

  • Annuity Review

  • Insurance Needs Analysis

  • Insurance Quotes

  • Estate Planning Analysis & Scenarios

  • Business Succession and Continuity

  • Key Person

  • Executive Comp. (Split Dollar, SERP, Non-Qualified)

  • Premium Financing

Common Questions

  • Who can help with insurance questions?

  • How is this policy performing?

    • What are the fees?
    • Can we reduce the premiums?

    • Are there better options?

    • Do I need to do anything, make changes?

  • Should I keep it?

  • Do we need more insurance? Less? Why?

  • I forgot why we bought this. Can you help?

  • I'd like to leave everything to our beneficiaries. Who can I work with on that?

  • How can business owners

    • Minimize taxes

    • Keep key employees

    • Structure a business exit

  • Can I get competitive insurance quotes?

  • How can I defer more income for retirement?

Six Insurance Whisperer Services For Tax Professionals

Annuity Contract Review
Data by Morningstar® 

  • 25+ Point Analysis

  • Observations

  • Executive Summary

  • Recommendations

Annuity Check

  • 80+ Point Analysis

  • Observations

  • Executive Summary

  • Recommendations

Policy Check

Fiduciary-Centered Insurance Policy Reviews​​

Answers the questions:

  • How does this quote or policy look?

  • Anything better?

Complimentary High-Level Opinion of Cost and Benefit

Courtesy Check®

  • Life Insurance

  • Long-Term Care

  • Disability Insurance

  • Executive Benefits

Premium Check®

Best of Traditional, Fee-Only, and No-Load Quotes ​​

Classic Needs Analysis for Individuals and Businesses

  • Life Ins./Survivorship

  • Key Person, Exec Comp

  • Long-Term Care

  • Income Replacement

Gap Check

Strategies include

  • Discounting

  • Leveraging 

  • Discounting

Advanced Estate Planning for Estates More Than $10M

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