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"What is a legacy?

It’s planting seeds in a

garden you never get to see.”


             ~ Lin-Manuel Miranda

The Potential Estate Planning Gap
What is Wealth Preserve®?
5 Reasons Why Wealth Preserve® is Different
Wealth Preserve® Reports Include


The Potential Estate Planning Gap

Estate planning is done best with a collaborative team of advisors: an attorney, tax professional, and financial adviser.


Where a gap on the team can exist is in the need for a scenario planner who illustrates estate plan options and potential outcomes. Moreover, who can provide insight into combined strategies and potential outcomes? The scenarios can include the use of one or more of dozens of core and advanced estate planning techniques. A scenario planner can help provide the insight, clarity, and roadmap needed to choose a plan consistent with client objectives.


What is Wealth Preserve®?

Wealth Preserve® is estate planning for affluent families. In today’s estate planning tax environment, this is defined as taxable estates of more than $10M, including some life insurance death benefits.


Wealth Preserve® can also help families with approaches that mitigate estate settlement costs, including cases where no estate taxes are due. More importantly, Wealth Preserve® can help families efficiently transfer more wealth to individuals and charities of their choosing, and less to tax authorities. When estate tax law changes, Wealth Preserve® can illustrate the impact of these changes, which can trigger adjustments to a current plan.


Wealth Preserve® is not a legal or tax service. This service does not aspire to manage client assets. 


5 Reasons Why Wealth Preserve® is Different?

  1. Estate planning can be confusing for clients. Wealth Preserve® can ease into the conversation and reduce complexity with visuals that demonstrate estate flows and tax models. Clients can improve comprehension and confidence reviewing graphs and charts rather than words and numbers.

  2. Advanced Estate Planning Concepts. Wealth Preserve® can illustrate 50+ core and advanced strategies. Although only a few will be suitable for your client, both clients and advisers see value in having access to explore and illustrate the largest number of options.

  3. Collaborative Approach. Insurance Whisperer works best with existing professional advisors who know a family’s circumstances. Also, we are supported by resources and professionals from a national advanced planning firm. 

  4. Wealth Preserve® follows the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Practice Standards. A CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ with multiple designations oversees the final report.

  5. Wealth Preserve® advisers are long time, honored academics and award-winning insurance planners. Our advisers’ strategies have been published in the national business and finance press and have been recognized as one of WORTH Magazines Top 250 Wealth Planners in the United States.



A fixed fee based on the scope of work assigned is our preferred model. However, depending on circumstances, an hourly fee may be more suitable.

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Wealth Preserve Reports Include

  • Client Objectives

  • Observations

  • Recommendations

  • Wealth Preserve® Report

    • Table of Contents

    • Family Detail

    • Projected Cash Flow to Life Expectancy

    • Net Worth Statement

    • Balance Sheet for Family and Out of Estate

    • Education

    • Flow Chart and Detailed Reports*

    • Data & Assumptions

* What follows is a list of available Wealth Preserve® estate planning reports.

Basic Estate Planning Analysis

  • Wills

  • Revocable Living Trust (RLT)

  • Credit Shelter Trusts (CST)

  • Beneficiary Summary

  • Flow Charts

  • Trusteed IRA

  • Stretch IRA

Charitable Gifting Analysis with Flow Charts and Detailed Report

  • Private Foundation Analysis

  • Donor Advised Fund (DAF) Analysis

  • Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust (CRAT) Analysis

  • Charitable Remainder UniTrust (CRUT) Analysis

  • Charitable Lead Annuity Trust (CLAT) Analysis

  • Charitable Lead UniTrust (CLUT) Analysis

  • Net-Income Charitable Remainder Unitrust (NICRUT) Analysis

  • Net Income with Makeup Charitable Remainder Unitrust (NIMCRUT) Analysis

  • Flip Charitable Remainder UniTrust (FLIPCRUT)

Estate Distribution Reports

  • Estate Liquidity

  • Estate Transfer

  • Multi-Generational Transfers

Estate Planning Strategies

  • Personal Gifting Analysis

  • Family Limited Partnership (FLP) Summary Analysis

  • Family Limited Partnership (FLP) Detailed Analysis

  • Dynasty Trust Analysis

  • Generation-Skipping Transfer (GST) Analysis

  • Grantor Retained Annuity Trust (GRAT) Analysis

  • Grantor Retained UniTrust (GRUT) Analysis

  • Grantor Retained Interest Trust (GRIT) Analysis

  • Self-Cancelling Installment Note (SCIN) Analysis

  • Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust (ILIT) Analysis

  • Intentionally Defective Grantor Trust (IDGT) Analysis

  • Intentionally Defective Irrevocable Trust (IDIT) Analysis

  • Income in Respect of Decedent (IRD) Analysis

  • Special Needs Trust (SNT) Analysis

  • Qualified Personal Residence Trust (QPRT) Analysis

  • Qualified Terminal Interest Property Trust (QTIP) Analysis

  • Qualified Domestic Trust (QDOT) Analysis

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